Narrow Way Outpost

In St. Lucia we have a major need for a sustainable lifestyle which promotes restorative emotional, spiritual and physical health. There are many sick with lifestyle diseases, suffering from the results of childhood abuse and poverty. 

At the Narrow Way Life we seek to educate, facilitate and demonstrate this holistic lifestyle that can heal wounds at the source.

Narrow Way Jungle Outpost needs a home nestled in nature. Through God’s leading a suitable location was found. It is a 200-acre property of lush rainforest, enveloped with rivers and streams and a majestic tree canopy. It captures the essence of the wholistic healing lifestyle we at Narrow Way Life seek to promote in St. Lucia.

Based on WorldLifeExpectancy.com St. Lucia’s three leading causes of death are all reversible lifestyle diseases: stroke, coronary heart disease and Diabetes. An average of 307 people die each year from a stroke. Our small island is in the red for cancer and ranked at number 11 in the world as of 2021. 

The invisible wounds caused by absentee fathers, domestic abuse, poverty, and lack of wholesome food are felt by all. 

We at Narrow Way Life, desire to be the legacy of kindness, facilitating the healing of emotional, spiritual, and physical scars at the source. Beyond organic food and skills training, we provide practical tools required to stop the perpetuation of the cycle. This will be achieved through a wholistic off-grid retreat.

The Narrow Way Jungle Outpost consists of:

  1. A lifestyle center/sanitarium where the 8 laws of health will be taught and practiced. At this center, we seek to create a support system for reversing lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, depression, and anxiety among others. The aim is to create the habit and provide resources that promotes health, happiness, and love. Guests leave feeling empowered to continue the lifestyle and share the love experienced.
  2. A missionary training school: imparting life skills, principles that govern the body, natural remedies to assist the body’s recovery from disease, and trades to earn an income while serving others. Trades are taught at the commercial facilities – woodwork shop, farm, mechanic shop, food factory, sewing shop, health food store, bakery, and restaurant. Hence students receive practical knowledge and employment opportunities.
  3. An organic farm: learning from nature will provide an alternative to harmful chemical farming which is more sustainable for the environment. Students will be part of distributing this nutrient-dense food to the needy in the community as they learn one of life’s greatest principles. “It is more blessed to give than to receive”

Let us work together to be the link between suffering and wholeness, because people like us do things like these.

narrow way Life


To facilitate the natural restoration of mental, physical, and spiritual health using God’s original plan for humanity.


To train well rounded individuals in a healthier more sustainable lifestyle, equip to share the gospel with others.