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Established in 2011

We are a St. Lucian based ministry. Our island St. Lucia is nestled in the Caribbean chain of islands and home to the twin Pitons.

The passion that drives us was born from our love for nature, studying the Word of God, and taking people outdoors for camping, hiking, and prayer retreats. Over these past ten years, this experience has helped us and others find God’s ultimate purpose for us.

As we made ourselves available to God, He took us country living on raw land, off the grid, and has been training us for seven years now. We understand the importance of character building, God’s eight laws of Health and, His ideal way of living. Hence we have dedicated our lives to be, God’s Hands and feet in this area.

Eliakim and Elioenai Cazaubon are the two gems God has used to brighten our home and lives. Our son is eight years old, and our daughter is one year old.

Together God has blessed us with the following experience and talents:
Management, Accounts, Marketing, Writing, Life & Relationship Coaching and also; Construction, Joiner, Carpentry, Arborist, Felling trees, Organic farmer, Survivalist, Navigation & Orienteering, Wilderness guide, baker, Master Guide Director.

Our aim is use all God has blessed us with to work in his vineyard to bring restoration to all humanity.

Lincoln and Mitra Cazaubon


To facilitate the natural restoration of mental, physical, and spiritual health using God’s original plan for humanity.


To train well rounded individuals in a healthier more sustainable lifestyle, equip to share the gospel with others.